Ursus Cabrera Tri-Spoke Front Track Wheel

Price: 944.95

Weight: Front Wheel 720g
Material: Tubular Rim 100% carbon monocoque with 3K Carbon HPS (Heat Protection Shield)
Rim Profile: Tubular. Rim Width: 23mm
Spoke Material: 3K Carbon Tri-Spoke
Valve Hole Diameter: 6mm - for use with Presta Valve
Recommended Tyres: 700x23c or 700x25c

Front Hub: Carbon-Alloy black hub in AL7075 Alloy with SKF high fluidity sealed ball bearings
Braking System: 3K Carbon HPS (Heat Protection Shield) brake surface
Braking System: Blue Carbon Specific Brake Pads supplied
Quick Release: Ursus WB05 alloy quick release with CrMo Axle

3KCFP: 3K Carbon Fibre Performance.3K is a woven carbon framework where each square fibre is composed of 3000 filaments. This makes for a very high stiffness to weight ratio and forms a highly versatle, strong, lighweight and responsive wheelset.
HTG: High-TG Resin System. Adding to the strength characteristics of UDR, the carbon is also soaked by a particular resin of which is highly resistant to high temperatures created from the brake pads on the rim. The result; lower deterioration of the carbon over time, greatly improving durability.
HPS: Heat Protection Shield. An essential element of the Miura C50 is the 3K carbon heat protection shield of which is added to the brake surface. This has been specifically designed to withstand the heat which is created from the rim during the breaking process. Braking performance is also greatly improved.
BBS: Ball Bearing System. For optimal performance, 2 sets of bearings are positioned within the front wheel.

The Ursus Cabrera Tri-Spoke wheel benefits from a 3K carbon monocoque construction for the ultimate in strength and light weight performance. With high levels of performance and aerodynamics, you really get the best of both worlds.

Normally despatched within 5-7 Days.



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